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Friday, December 24, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Last Santa Post...for this year

Yeah, I there anything else worth talking about? Sure there is, and we'll get to that some time later. I would like to post this last blog article which was written by Noel Piper, the wife of Pastor John Piper. Please visit his Desiring God website. It has tons of great resources, most of which is free.

This article reflects so well my views of Santa, so I just had to share it. You can view the complete post here. It's called, "Thinking About Santa", by Noel Piper.

A response from the weaker brother

Before Ellie was born, I tried to work out almost every day. I could bench press a person and a half, and do 10-12 pull-ups with a 45 lb. weight attached to my waist. I made Arnold Schwarzenegger look like...well, a really huge guy with big muscles. I was nothing like that. But now, several years later, along with the average of 4 seasonal trips to the gym, atrophy has left me looking more like this:
Yes folks, take away the glasses and the shaggy hair and there ya have me. Apart from my high weight/low reps workout routine and high protein intake, I have become...weak. I admit it.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"Santa Claus is a Liar!"

Oh what joyous memories the Christmas season brings! Long lines at the malls and department stores, no parking places for miles, more rude agitated customers than you can shake a stick at, and of course, parents who lie to their kids with a big smile on their face...all of these things have marked the modern reality of the Christmas season.

"What's Santa gonna bring you, little girl?", this has been the most popular question asked to my 3 year old daughter for the past 3 weeks. What the questioners don't realize is that at my house, we don't condone lying to our children. Yeah, I know, we're fanatics. I've been called that more times than once. And, surely, telling your kids about Santa is not that bad, right? It's just all fun and games, right?

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Greatest Gifts...Christmas painting sermon

JESUS: He shall save His people from their sins.

Tis the season for giving!...or getting, depending on your personality. Ask any child what their most favorite part of Christmas is and without hesitation, most will say "Presents!"
Well, approximately 2,000 years ago, God the Father gave the greatest gifts to His Son and also to us.