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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Progression of a Painting part 4

Here's the latest on the painting. I have the ruined, absolutely helpless, lost sheep painted in. I also have the Shepherd done as well. He was a little more difficult to paint and to pose. I had to set my camera up on a book shelf, set the timer, and then run to get in place with a painting pole to pose. I think it will suffice though.
Next, will be the detailing out of the grass, painting a few sheep near the top trees and working on the overall tones of the painting, then it will be ready for the printers.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Progression of a Painting Part 3

So, here's where I'm at as of this morning. I did detail out the clouds a little more. I darkened the ones that were already dark...hopefully, this will give some contrast to the Shepherd when I paint Him in.

My favorite part on the painting, so far, is the waterfalls on the right with the stream above it. Painting water, for some reason, is so enjoyable, especially if I can capture what my mind sees.

Today's task will be painting in the sheep and Jesus. I believe He's going to be the most difficult to paint. I've got to find a pose and gestures that relate the efforts He's making to save this one ruined sheep. This will not be easy to convey.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Warning: this video gets graphic toward the end. We as American Christians think persecution is the funny looks we get when we pray before our meals in public. This video gives a whole new light to what it means to have Jesus as your's not just a catch-phrase. May God give grace to those being persecuted, and may God give grace to those who are persecuting. May God forgive me for my lack of scars.

Go to for the larger article.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Progression of a Painting part 2

The painting is finally taking on some dimension. I think I've completed the sky and the clouds. But, you never know, sometimes paintings have a way of evolving as it progresses.
The rocky cliffs are starting to come to life after layer upon layer of highlights and midtones are painted in. The foreground cliffs are the darkest while the background cliffs are muted with blue tones hopefully aiding the effect of atmospheric perspective. On top of the black cliffs in the foreground, I've begun to paint some burnt sienna and raw sienna along with yellow ochre to define the midtones and highlights of the rocky sides.
The black blob in the upper right corner will be some trees and the light streaks cascading off the foreground cliffs will be a small stream and waterfall. Jesus and the sheep will be the last thing that I paint. I'll post more as it comes along...

Monday, August 23, 2010

When the Wind Blows

You can't tell from where it comes or where it's going, but you can sure see it effects. When the wind blows, things happen. When God moves and blows His Spirit, supernatural things happen. This past Sunday, God chose to send a little wind our way at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church. Jesus' name was uplifted and one man made a profession of faith.

Was he led in some superficial prayer after reading 4 key verses from the "Epistle to the Romans"? No. Has that ever been a requirement for true regeneration and justification? Absolutely not. When the wind blows, the wind does the work. A sinner crying out for mercy is the visible effects and not what initiates the wind. "How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed?" (Rom. 10:14) 

Regeneration is a supernatural act of God and not the results of repeating prayers, making decisions or altar visits. (John 1:13, Titus 3:5) Why do most shallow church-goers and so called gospel "preachers" totally ignore John 3:8? Let's get back to biblical terminology and leave the traditions of men in the fairy tale books.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Progression of a Painting part 1

I had an idea a while back for a painting that I would love to make prints of. I've seen several images of Jesus as the Good Shepherd going after the one lost sheep. Most of these images portray a healthy looking sheep climbing up a cliff toward the Shepherd. I have a little problem with that because it's not so biblical.
Not biblical? No, I don't think so. The artists "possibly" or unwittingly portrayed a sheep who was as interested in saving himself as the Shepherd was to save them. The sheep is climbing his way toward the Shepherd as if to help himself up to Him...this is semi-Pelagianism or full blown Pelagianism at its finest.

So, here's my idea...portray a sheep who is absolutely ruined and incapable of even "attempting" to help himself. If the sheep will be saved, it's strictly by the initiative, efforts, and fulfillment of the Shepherd alone. Stay tuned for more as it progresses.
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Summer's Blessings"

This is my newest painting entitled, "Summer's Blessings" It measures 9"x12" and is an original acrylic on canvas painting. One of my most favorite treats in the summer is a good watermelon. Throw in some ripened totmatoes and lay them all out on an old wooden porch, and you've got a little taste of heaven. There's one major thing that I left out...a salt shaker. Maybe I'll add that in later. If you're interested, visit for purchasing information.