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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Progression of a Painting part 2

The painting is finally taking on some dimension. I think I've completed the sky and the clouds. But, you never know, sometimes paintings have a way of evolving as it progresses.
The rocky cliffs are starting to come to life after layer upon layer of highlights and midtones are painted in. The foreground cliffs are the darkest while the background cliffs are muted with blue tones hopefully aiding the effect of atmospheric perspective. On top of the black cliffs in the foreground, I've begun to paint some burnt sienna and raw sienna along with yellow ochre to define the midtones and highlights of the rocky sides.
The black blob in the upper right corner will be some trees and the light streaks cascading off the foreground cliffs will be a small stream and waterfall. Jesus and the sheep will be the last thing that I paint. I'll post more as it comes along...

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