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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Trinity Baptist Church Steeple Raising

"Psalm 147"
This is a 12x24 acrylic on canvas painting that I donated to help Trinity Baptist Church in Fort Mill, SC. The church is growing and their current lease will be up in March of 2011. Therefore, they have been providentially forced to expand and move.
The building they will be occupying is just that...a building...a shell, but quite a large one at that. There will be plenty of room for ministering there. Just as the church grows numerically, God provides a place of meeting those needs and lives. Isn't that just like our Faithful Lord, always caring for His sheep?
Trinity Baptist Church had a "steeple-raising" on Oct. 16. This day was filled with all kinds of food, entertainment, crafts, etc... to help raise money to build this gathering place of saints. If you're interested in this painting, it will be auctioned off sometime before Christmas along with the painting below:

"Salvation Has Come"
If you're not looking to buy the original, you can always purchase a print Here. Be sure to email for availability, it usually takes at least 2 weeks for special orders.

You can visit my good friend, Rick Cope and Trinity's website here:

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