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Monday, August 8, 2011

Treasuring Jesus Ministry Paintings

The last week of July, I was invited by Bethany Baptist Church in Thomasville to bring a series of messages on the subject of "treasure". A brief overview of each lesson is listed below:

Which is worth more, a bottle of water or all the gold in Ft. Knox? If you're reading this with your belly full, you'd of course choose the gold. However, change the scenario a bit and you might have a different choice. Imagine you're 4 days in the dessert without having any water...your life is coming to an end through lack of fluids...suddenly the water takes on infinite value.

The same goes for us spiritually. You'll not see water as a treasure until you are desperate to live. Jesus proclaims Himself as the Living Water who completely satisfies and gives life. He makes Himself freely available to all who are thirsty. Those who do not desire Him will never come to Him. Only those who see their condition as hopeless and destitute would ever be willing to deny all worldly pursuits and come to Him in order to quench their thirst.

Day 2:
On Thursday morning, we looked at the Shepherd as the treasure of the sheep. In order for the sheep to see the Shepherd as his true treasure, He must first see his own condition: ruined, helpless, dirty, separated, and dead. Were it not for the initiative and work of the Shepherd, the sheep would remain in that ruined condition, unable to help himself.

Sheep are not well known for their intelligence, they need to be led!

Day 3:
Friday morning we explored 2 of the kingdom parables of Matthew 13: the treasure hid in the field and the pearl of great price. These two treasures were so valuable to these individuals that they were willing to sell everything they owned in order to acquire this one single treasure. Christ demands that we see Him as this valuable...that we're willing to forsake ALL, even if it means family, comfort, wealth, etc... in order to have Him. Is Jesus worth the price that we might have to pay? If He's worth it, are we willing?

Special thanks to Bro. Tom Fields and the people and kids of Bethany Baptist Church for allowing me to come and minister.

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