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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mixing Your Greens...For Desert!

Most people already know yellow and blue make green. But how does it taste? The only acrylic paint I ever tasted was by accident, and it wasn't an experience I'd like to repeat. However, I have concocted some greens that are absolutely delicious!...and I've been repeating the experience for several days now.

By adding more blue, you can make a cooler green. If you're looking for a warmer, more earthy green, try adding more yellow and just a touch of red...these are the greens you're most likely to see in the more natural colored sunny landscapes. But before you start licking your palette, let me inform you that the drinkable greens I'm referring to are not acrylic paints.

The greens we've been drinking in the Sams' household as of late consist of apples, oranges, carrots and spinach. Spinach??? Yes! and it's delicious! Tonight's juice mix contained 2 apples, 1 orange, 2 carrots, and 3 large handfuls of spinach...all total about the size of one monstrous salad. The cost for a full 12 or so oz. cup of this delicious green brew was approximately $1.40. However, I think we can go cheaper if we buy our fruits and veggies in bulk.

My wife, Crystal, and I decided to start our new year off trying to eat healthier. We watched a couple of really good documentaries to get us motivated, and I highly recommend them. They are "Forks Over Knives" and "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead".

Forks Over Knives (trailer)

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (extended trailer)

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