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Monday, November 12, 2012

Portrait Ornaments

Here's my latest project for preserving memories...portrait ornaments. The ornaments are oval masonite panels (same material as my plein air paintings) that measure approx. 4.25". The name of the individual, as well as the year, can be painted on the ornament. Attached at the top is a nice little bow and ribbon of the color of your choice which will match the backside of the ornament. 
Each ornament is a hand painted portrait from the photograph of the customer's choice and is varnished once completed to make sure it's nice and sealed. Most ornaments I paint are of a single individual. More people can be painted, but I may have to rotate the ornament to a horizontal position. The price will vary depending upon how many individuals are in the portrait. Contact me for pricing and more info on muti-person portraits.

How Do I order a portrait ornament?
All you need to do is provide me with a good digital picture that you could email to me at . If you need to pay online, I will set up a paypal link when your order is complete. In order to do this, I will also need to know if you'll need the ornament shipped or if you'll be willing to pick it up. I also accept checks, if you prefer this method. Be sure to think about what color you would want the back of the ornament painted, as well as the ribbon color, and include this in your email.

Be sure to visit my website to view more ornaments and artwork

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