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Monday, September 13, 2010

Seed Sowing Weekend

Here's a better pic. of the painting that I completed on Friday.
Well, it's another Monday...we're recuperating from an exciting weekend. This past Saturday, we enjoyed ourselves as a family at the Bush Hill Festival in Archdale, NC. I took this year off from having an art booth there and it actually turned out to be a God-given decision. That afternoon, it poured down rain which would have ruined my artwork. So, thank the Lord for inspiring us to take a day off.
However, we did have the opportunity to pass out some million dollar bill gospel tracts from Living Waters. At the end of the day, we were soaked to the bone and my whole family looked like a family of wet rats...what a pitiful site, I'm sure. But, it sure was nice to go back to a warm dry home, take a nap, then feast on some home made shepherd's pie...delicious!

On Sunday, we were invited to Grace Memorial Baptist Church , the church of our friends Ryan and Jennifer Brigman. I had the honor to speak at their Homecoming service. You can see some of their talents and life at . I was priviledged to present the Gospel message through painting and speaking, along with special singing from my wife, Crystal. (The picture above is the final image that was painted during the message) Did I do the Gospel justice? No...I don't know that anyone ever does. We take so lightly spiritual truths that even angels look into with awe.
On a side note, I learned that my daughter wants to be a performer...she put on quite a show while I was preaching, painting and my wife was singing. (Note to self...bring a big paddle next time)
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  1. Jeremy, She illustrated your sermon well....almost as if you had instructed her to act that way! Don't sweat it! She's a doll....albeit a TD one.... :)

  2. Jeremy as you already know, I just love the new painting. Thanks again for letting me use it.