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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bread of Life Painting Sermon

How despairing it is to observe an empty painting of an empty plate. We are all consumed with emptiness and we spend our entire lives attempting to fill that empty plate within our souls. In John 6, we see a demonstration of this vain attempt. The multitude of John 6 was guilty of wrong motives and wrong methods in their quest to fulfill their void.

They were guilty of wrong motives first, in the fact that they sought Jesus because of His "miracles", John 6:2. This motive is alarming because of what we've read in John 2:23-25. There is a belief that is not of the "saving" kind. It's a superficial belief that focuses on the "product" of the miracle rather than the Person of the miracle.

Secondly, in John 6:15, they were guilty of wrong motives in that they wanted Jesus as a "Monarch". On the surface, this sounds commendable, but Jesus' response tells otherwise. They wanted Him for political health care and free welfare! "This man has the ability to heal our bodies and keep us fed, we'll make Him our king!" They again neglected to see the true eternal purpose of the King of Kings which is redemption and not political prosperity. He will allow no man to manipulate Him for their own selfish gain.

Third, in John 6:25-34, we see they were motivated by "meat". Their bellies were growling again, so they wanted Jesus as a food provider. In all these cases, it is evident by Jesus' sharp responses that their motives were impure for seeking Him. They were motivated by their own carnal and unregenerate desires. They sought Jesus because they viewed Him merely as "useful" and they were seeking their own prosperity.

Not only were their motives impure, but their methods were also corrupt. In John 6:28, we see they had the idea that they could "work" the "works of God". They asked what they could "do". Their legalistic ways were testimony to the fact that they truly believed they could earn their righteousness. Their method was one of works-righteousness and not by grace through faith. This also happens today in many modern churches across the globe. Most will condemn other religions and denominations for their attempts at works righteousness, yet, they partake in the same heresy by adding to the method of salvation. "Repeat this prayer after me", "ask Jesus into your heart", etc...these are just a couple of the common additions to the biblical model. Men portray these phrases as the "abbra-ka-dabra" of salvation. All you have to do is say this phrase and really really mean it and POOF!!! you're born again! However John 3:3-8 shows us the absolute foolishness of such ridiculous statements that are proposed by the modern gospel preacher and layman.
If man were left alone to fill this void and to somehow see the beauty of Christ on his own, it would always be utter "FAILURE", John 6:36.

But Jesus completes the painting with the "Message". Where man fails and is completely unable, God sends His Son as the "Bread of Life". He is that which completely fulfills. He died on the cross, drinking the full cup of God's wrath for all who will believe. We were criminals and under a curse, yet Jesus became a curse for us. Three days later, He rose from the dead and now He offers us this Bread so that we might have eternal life. The only way to truly satisfy our desires and longings is to feast on this Bread. Looking at bread never filled anyone, we must consume Him. Our faith must look like we're coming to Christ as if to satisfy our hunger and believing in Him so as not to be thirsty. He must fill our plates, not the pleasures of this flesh, not entertainment, not lust, not relationships, not gossip, etc...Christ fulfills! He's bread and He offers Himself freely to the world. If you reject Him, you can only blame yourself. If you're hungry, if you're thirsty, come to Him today!

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