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Monday, May 23, 2011

Outer Banks Plein Air

Here's a few paintings that I was able to paint while on our Outer Banks trip with the Miles family.

Salvo Beach, 6x8 acrylic on masonite

This is the typical beach scene at the Outer Banks. Broad sandy beaches with tire tracks running down the beach. The cool thing about these beaches is that most are accessed by 4 wheel drive vehicles, except for the "bird nesting and turtle egg areas"...these areas are strictly forbidden to humans without a special degree in tree hugging. This painting was done on a cool overcast day.

Pamlico Morning 6x8 acrylic on masonite

Avon Pier 6x8 acrylic on masonite

This was an interesting pier located in the town of Avon, NC. It looks like this pier has seen its better day, but the crooked lines and hurricane battered shape give it much character.

Silver Lake on Ocracoke 10x8 acrylic on masonite

Ever wondered what happened with the infamous Blackbeard the Pirate? Here's where he lost his head...a little island called Ocracoke. This natural lake makes a perfect place for boats to find a safe harbor on Ocracoke Island, NC.

Here, I'm doing a little touch up on a painting right before we roasted weenies on our beach campfire...try doing that at Myrtle Beach! Overall, this was a great trip and a nice time to relax.

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