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Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Book Cover Painting

"Fearless Heart" by Gail Cauble Gurley
Artwork by Jeremy Sams

Gail's new book Fearless Heart has been released by World Castle Publishing. Here's a little tid bit about the book:
The Blairs are stranded in New York after the market crash of 1929. Robert walks to the river docks each day, seeking work to feed his wife Ellen and their four year old son Stephen and pay the $8.00 rent for the slum in which they live. Their faith and courage are tested as they struggle.
 He provides a small Christmas for his family but then the dock work shuts down and he is desperate to find work of any kind.
 He is approached by a stranger who will direct and influence the Blairs in a startling manner. He is jolted by events that promise to turn his life asunder, shaking the foundation of the person that he is. He is in an unknown world, given information of which he has never dreamed. Will they be opportunities or burdens? Will he be able to marry his life to this new direction or will he abandon a life so different from any he has ever experienced? He has his family’s and friends’ support as he struggles with the shocking torrent of choices he is given to make.
Fearless Heart has gentle, colorful, believable characters who touch the heart and raise the spirit. It is truly a feel-good work.
Order online at Click on Available Titles. Use code UYTQJ2F9 at checkout for 20% discount. Also available at Order the e-book from Barnes and Noble.
Printed book $10.99, e-book $5.99. Suitable for all readers.  Check out the author’s website .

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