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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

LaGrange, NC, The Garden City

LaGrange, NC
8x10 acrylic on masonite en plein air

This is a plein air painting that I completed during the reception of my art show in LaGrange, NC. I drove around that morning looking for the perfect scene that would capture my vision of LaGrange. I found many beautiful scenes because there is much to choose from ranging from historic buildings with the most beautiful architecture to acres and acres of crops, fields, etc... However, this place really captured my attention as, to me, it is the essence of LaGrange: a huge grain bin (I guess that's what you'd call this massive place) surrounded by open fields with a long straight railroad disappearing into the distance. I'm sure the locals have many ideas of the essence of this small town but, for me, this scene is what intrigued me...a portrait of small town, hard-working, agricultural NC.

The scene was painted on an overcast, humid morning in May, 2011. If you look carefully, you may see some of the mosquitoes that found their way in my wet paint.

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