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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Acrylic Painting Lessons!

Have you ever watched someone paint and thought to yourself, "I would love to try that, I think I could do it!" After watching Bob Ross on PBS for several years as a toddler, I, myself, finally tried it. He made it look so easy and his soft voice would just about make you fall asleep...if it wasn't for the bobbing of that big afro, I probably would have. Well, that's one more "thanks" we can give to big-afro-people: the ability to keep someone's attention.

Ever since I started painting, I have absolutely enjoyed myself. There is something so gratifying to watch nothing turn into something by your own hands. For a while now, I've thought about how to bring others to find some satisfaction and enjoyment in this little world of painting. This past Monday night, I finally got my chance.

My first painting students were Ray and Hazel Vaughn, who are quite talented in so many other areas. Feel free to check out Ray's blog. Both are talented musicians. While Ray writes music and songs and works in manufacturing furniture, Hazel is a sign-painter by trade. So, their artsy qualities are pretty evident. I was excited to see what kind of art was floating around in their heads.

At the end of the night, with a few pointers on how to blend skies, make mountains, paint water, and make sunbeams, they ended up with some pretty impressive paintings. Hazel obviously enjoys a challenge, so she started with something really elementary...Bodie Island Lighthouse with a sun bursting out of the clouds behind it. "Elementary subject matter?", you say...oh yeah, sarcasm was heavily implied there. This is a hard painting! But am I surprised? No, I believe she takes after her husband. Ray's first painting was of a clipper ship pounding its way through the ocean. These are not exactly amateurish subject matters. But, that's ok, these things help stretch our capabilities.

Notice my daughter, Eliora...she's sprucing up one of my demonstration paintings.

Can't you just see the joy glowing from this couple

Here's what happens when you have a creative child...I think she was trying to paint the reflections of her pink and brown sky. Nothing screams "I love my daddy" like a pink and brown sky. I'm so proud!

If anyone's ever interested in painting lessons, feel free to Contact Me 

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