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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pilot Mountain Painting

Finally! I just took this pic. of my first completed canvas painting for 2011. It measures 12"x24" and is an original acrylic on canvas. The quality of the digital, however,  looks a little "shady" compared to the original.
 I took some pics of it before I varnished it and I thought I was ok. On the digital camera, they looked great. But, when I uploaded them...yikes! Thanks to my impatience, I varnished it with a satin varnish before uploading the pics to make sure they were ok. You'd think I would learn from previous mishaps with my digital-camera-skills (or lack thereof). Oh well, this the best pic I could get of it at 8:30 pm...another example of my impatience. I'll try to take a better pic of it tomorrow, in the sunlight.

This painting is a gift to my good friends, Ray and Hazel Vaughn, of whom I promised a free painting several months ago for their house warming party. Their request was a scene of Pilot Mountain, NC for some sentimental reasons, I'm sure. They're quite the romantics and they run a close 2nd to being the cutest couple in the area. :) So, happy home-decorating Ray!

Pilot Mountain is also one of my most treasured scenes of God's creation. I've walked around that knob, hung off its rocks and attempted to climb its cliffs many times. I'm looking forward to warmer weather when I can take the kids up there. It truly is a beautiful place. Tobacco is a major crop (or it used to be) in this area. So, I painted a little tobacco barn in the lower right of the painting.

One thing I've noticed lately with my paintings: I can see where I've been highly influenced. No, not by some mind altering drink or herb, but by the desktop background on my pc. Until tonight, after my curious daughter and her key-punching skills, I had Albert Bierstadt's "Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California" painting as my background. Albert was one of the premeire painters of the Hudson River School of painters, of whose work and style I absolutely love. Looking back on some of my work (maybe most of my work) I can definitely see their influence.

It's amazing that what we look at most, or take our pleasure in, eventually portrays itself through us in some shape or form. Not only does this go for art, scenery, painting styles, etc... but it applies to our everyday life as well. The things that I dwell on and take pleasure in will manifest itself in my life. If it's corruption and carnality that I am associated with, you can guarantee it will be manifested. However, if it's Christ and His grace, mercy, love, righteousness and holiness, this too will shine through. I wonder if my life could paint a portrait right now, what style would it paint in? Something to think on.

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  1. Thank you Jeremy for honoring Hazel and I with this beautiful painting of Pilot Mountain. It has a place of prominence in our new home and always will. Your friendship means more to us than we can say.

  2. Do you sale prints of this to the public? Would love to purchase a copy!! Thanks

  3. Britt83w, I don't have prints available, but we can make some if you'd like.