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Friday, February 4, 2011

Level Cross Elementary Art

This past Wednesday, Feb.2, I was honored to present some of my artwork to the art students of Level Cross Elementary, Level Cross, NC. There were about 40 or so students attending and wow! what a blessing they were!

The kids are very fortunate to have Mrs. Marilyn Carter, a very talented sculptor, as their art teacher. She invited me to come a while back and gave me the liberty to share my work as well as my inspiration with the kids. There is nothing more inspiring than giving the Gospel! I presented a very quick rendition of my gospel  painting with a simple message of the Supreme Creator who is the one true God, His righteousness, our sinfulness, and if we got what we deserved, it would mean eternity in hell. Then, I painted a portrait of God's love for sinners in that He paid the penalty that we deserve by dying on the cross. He was delivered for offences and raised again for our justification. He offers eternal life and forgiveness to all who will repent and put their trust in Christ. I forgot to take a photo of the completed painting but you can see the concept here.

As good as a time that I had, I didn't leave empty handed. Ms. Claire Shelton and Ms. Ireland Haga gave me some of their beautiful artwork.

artwork by Claire Shelton

Portrait by Ireland Haga

I'm not sure who the portrait is of...but it does have an uncanny resemblance to yours truly...minus the mustache of course. I accepted these ladies' artwork along with a free autograph based on the condition that they become famous artists when they grow up. Then, I'll have one of their first originals along with their autographs just in case I need something to retire on. Don't let me down ladies!

I do look forward to seeing the talent and creativity that arises from all the youngsters that I met. And, God bless those who work with these kids. I'm sure it's a hard yet rewarding job.

Thanks Level Cross!

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