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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our Trip to Mt. Moriah

Mt. Moriah has been the place of several significant events in Jewish and Christian history. It was the mountain to which God told Abraham to offer his only son, Isaac (a type that was fulfilled with God offering His only begotten Son). It was also the place that God chose to let Solomon build the temple...a place designated for God to manifest His glory and holiness. With all the glorious events that have taken place on this mountain, it seems very fitting to name a church after it.

We were privileged to minister this past Sunday morning, Feb. 13, at Mt. Moriah Baptist Church located in Marshville, NC.
Pastor Mel Winstead is the under shepherd of this good flock of believers. He has served there for approx. 4 years along with his wife, Heather and daughter, Lydia. They have a beautiful church, not only of the facilities, but also in themselves, the local body. Their hospitality and kindness was overwhelming and made prevalent the whole time we were with them. They even fed us lunch after the service! You can't beat that with a stick...good church, good music, good pastor and family, and food to go with it!

If you're ever in the Marshville area (southeast of Charlotte), be sure to give them a visit. They're a Christ-exalting church who believes in a big God. You can visit their website here. Also, be in prayer for Bro. Mel...soon to be Dr. Mel as soon as he gets his dissertation complete. If you need help in Greek, he's your man. He gets plenty of practice since he teaches the subject at a local seminary along with World Religions at a local community college.

Pastor Mel (left) Yours truly (right)
I can't help but think of Gen 6:4 when I see this picture: "There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that,..." Be sure to check out Mel's blog here. Maybe he can be persuaded to post some Greek helps.

Bread of Life Painting
The pic above is the sermon that we brought to Mt. Moriah Baptist Church. You can see the progression of the painting here.

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