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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Patriot

I was asked recently if I would be willing to donate some artwork for an upcoming auction at Fayetteville St. Christian School. I gladly accepted since this school holds a special place in my childhood.

The Patriot is the school's mascot, so I thought it would be fitting to paint a portrait of one.
Their colors are (carolina) blue and white...or at least it was when I attended there...I hope it's the same! If not, it's nothing a few tubes of paint can't fix.

I really enjoyed this painting. Seeing that I don't paint animals much, this was a fun project to tackle, especially since the horse was in action. Sometimes paintings just click and this was certainly one of them. I was able to start and finish the painting all in one day. This is one of those that you kind of hate to get rid of. I guess I'll just have to paint myself another one :)

The painting measures 18x24 and will be auctioned off Friday, Feb. 25th at Fayetteville St. Christian School in Asheboro, NC. The auction begins promptly at 6:30 pm. Be sure to check out my website for more paintings.


  1. It is beautiful. Thank you so much for creating this special piece for Fayetteville Street Christian School. I am sure everyone will love this painting.

  2. All in one day? Wow, this painting is great.
    I'd sure like to have it. Hmmm....we just don't have enough walls. I love it Professor.
    The horse looks alive....not just standing there on top of a fence like that BIG BOY BULL. Proud of you my Brother.

  3. This is AWESOME Jeremy! Love it!!! Looks just like the man that used to dress up as our maskot at games. Did you use him as a model? And yes, colors are still the same