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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Premiere Pediatrics Mural

Premiere Pediatrics in Asheboro, NC now has a tropical beach mural to add to their collection of scenes. Dr. Wayne Connors is the pediatrician and the only male in the office...poor fellow. He desperately needs our prayers. Actually, he's surrounded by a good group of ladies dedicated to their profession, so they make a good team.

Boats, boards and bungalows!

What's more relaxing for children than a tropical beach with a hammock?

You probably can't read the little sign here, but it states "DHARMA", "Beware of Smoke" with a dharma swan symbol above it. This is for all the "LOST" fans who happen to wander into the Premiere Pediatrics office. So, if you're ever in the Asheboro area, on the corner of Fayetteville St. and Presnell St., stop in to say hello and tour the office. Tell them I sent you and I'm sure you'll get a big....pat on the back and maybe a handshake with a smile.

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