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Friday, March 4, 2011

Wheatmore High School FCA

I'd like to say thank you to the Wheatmore High School FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) for allowing me and my wife to come this Friday morning to give a gospel presentation through art. Can you get the gospel into the public schools? Absolutely!

The teachers and workers in the public schools have to keep the subject of their faith on the down-low, however, if a student initiates the subject, you're free to speak. The same goes with people like myself being invited in to share the gospel. If you're invited by a school sponsored club such as the FCA, then you have liberty to give the gospel of Jesus Christ. So, thank you so much FCA and staff!

Early morning meetings make the teens act a little wacko.


  1. Jeremy & Crystal,
    It was a true blessing to have you at Wheatmore. I (Charity) have been a little anxious every since Hope started High School not knowing what she would be exposed to each new day. When she told me you were coming for FCA I knew that the "Truth" would be shared without compromise. That was probably the first time since August I felt good about her being in public High School. Thank you for that.
    We love and appreciate your family and your stand for Christ!
    The Skipper's
    Rodney, Charity, Hope, Faith, & Trey

  2. Thanks Skipper family for your kind comments. The kids were such a blessing at Wheatmore, you wouldv'e been proud!