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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Open field en plein air

This is today's plein air painting. It measures 6"x8". This painting took about an hour and a half, which was surprising for its small size. One of my challenges is that I want to keep adding detail and smooth lines, etc...

Another challenge for me is that I automatically want to start with my background without drawing the composition out first. But, is there an exact formula for this? I'm sure there is, and I'm probably learning the hard way.

  • problem #1... when I paint my whole sky in first, with no other drawing, the paint gets grey-ed out when I paint on top of, I'll need to paint my composition in first.
  • problem #2... the sun was out today and I had to keep adjusting my easel for the best light on my canvas. At first, it was completely in the shade while my eyes were looking into a sunny landscape. So, when I looked back at my canvas, I couldn't determine the colors. My eyes were constantly having to adjust.
So, I'm learning. Every day is a new experience.

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